Kaat Waterschoot, born on the 20th of July, in the very late sixties, Eindhoven, NL


Over the past few years Waterschoot mainly focussed on her oil paintings. She refined her technical skills and developed a realistic style of modern, attractive paintings that especially draw attention by the remarkable use of colours and fine compositions. Her fascination for the combination of human inner self and appearances, in all its contrasts, apparent naturalness and stereotyping, lays the foundation for her work.
Depth besides superficiality, dreams against reality or the daily imperfection versus timeless beauty. Is it what you are that makes what you do or is it what you do that makes what you are?

Nothing is what it seems, and yet everything is as it is.

1986-1987: Academy of Drama and Acting, Maastricht. After one year propaedeuse she was advised to quit due to 'lack of sense of drama'. She quitted.

1987-1992: Academy of Visual and Fine Arts, Maastricht, graduated, without drama.

1992-1996: Experienced life as a 'lost artist' and tried diverse working areas.

1996-2000: Got a masters' degree in exportmanagement, believing that perhaps business life and money would bring her inner peace and personal freedom.

2000: Found out it didn't and went for a full inner check up!

2001: Decided to do what she loves most and does best. Lives and works in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

2006: started writing music, never could have guessed this would become her other passion.

2011: released her debutalbum ‘Snowdog’ under the artistname Kaat van Vlaanderen.

Jip, Kaat’s roadie, best buddy, heroin, teacher, luck, joy, and biggest love.
photo by ©Paul Croes